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The La La Land Foundation's “ThreeSixty” program is an initiative at Rikers Island, providing mentorship and life coaching, legal services, and re-entry tools, to young men ages 18–21 years old who are incarcerated, specifically in the Robert N. Davoren (RNDC) Complex. Weekly interactions and meetings focus on life-building skills that are helpful during their time incarcerated and instrumental to re-entry into the community upon release. The team works to develop one-on-one connections with each of the young men, building trust, and solid relationships among the group and with each other individually.

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Legal Services

A large part of our work is assisting these young men to understand and navigate the legal system. We help bring clarity to each of their cases, connect them with lawyers, and help to appoint them with
new lawyers when needed. We make court appearances with each young man to address the court directly 
on their behalf. We also charter letters to express the changes and growth they have achieved through our program.

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Life Skills

Regular workshops, presentations, and guest

speakers to address:

  • Steps to forgiveness and personal healing

  • Growing from pain and abandonment

  • Steps for a proper apology

  • Anger management

  • Positive thinking and showing gratitude

  • Importance of body language

  • Writing letters to the judge

  • How to work in a group - Becoming a leader



Basketball is also part of the program to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and camaraderie. The participants play at least twice a week with each other and with

special guests we bring to the program.

RE-ENTRY & RELEASE being the end goal, the initiative helps young men with creating resumes, and ultimately securing jobs. We’ve partnered with the Reform Alliance on job fairs, and job opportunities upon re-entry. We are committed to providing continued assistance through life-skill-building workshops, and housing aid.

Once the men are transitioned to serve time in state prisons, the La La Land Foundation plans to continue their work with these individuals through:

  • Weekly zoom calls with the La La Land Team

  • In-person meetings with La La Anthony and friends

  • Weekly journal assignments submitted to La La Land team



ThreeSixty partners with various New York Metropolitan Area businesses and restaurants to provide charitable donations and support for the young men and New York City Corrections Officers

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